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You will see at our frame shop in Dallas that custom frames are our specialty. At our frame store we have created custom framing to display a wide range of items including baby clothes, sports collectables, military memorabilia, and even what were thought to be space alien remains from the Baja Coast. What do you have in mind for your custom frames? We work with canvas wraps, Plexiglas® boxes, Plexiglas® sandwiches, shaped frames, shadow boxes, channel floats and many other styles and looks.

Meet our team

We are a team of creative professionals working together, with you, to turn your ideas into an adventure.

Roman Re De La Cruz Profile Image

Roman Re De La Cruz

Roman is the newest member of our team. He has a desire to make things perfect with his gift for color, design and construction. Growing up in Winters, Texas, Roman was the go-to guy when it came to anything about art or design. In high school he loved to make art gadgets to fool and amaze his friends and teachers. After graduating, he saw no future for his talents in Winters so he moved to Dallas hoping to find a job where he could excel. Roman says he could not have imagined finding a more perfect fit than the Framing Warehouse and we agree.
Steven Gale Profile Image

Steven Gale

Steven’s father Charles Gale was an industrial designer turned artist, so Steven had an early introduction to the arts. His first passion was music; you won’t find anyone with a more in-depth knowledge of the music of his generation and he even plays the drums. Along with music, film became a major fascination. Between these two passions Steven turned down the volume and stopped the camera to find the still image of photography. Not only does he have an understanding of the mechanics of the camera, his real passion is for pushing the boundaries of the photographic print. He has had numerous one-man shows of his striking photographs. Now in his mid-40s, Steven has spent his life searching for a place where all of his amazing talents could shine. He feels the Framing Warehouse is that place.
Chris Grimes Profile Image

Chris Grimes

As owner of the Framing Warehouse for the past 25 years, Chris has held the highest standard for creating a product that exceeds his client’s expectations. Fine art has always taken center stage for him and he hopes to instill that same passion into his clients. He believes that if something is worth framing it should be done to be appreciated for generations to come. Chris graduated from Art Center College of Design in California, after which he managed an art gallery on 5th Avenue in New York. An association with Ray Nasher brought him to Dallas where he opened Framing Warehouse.